Monday, January 30, 2012

How many books can I borrow?

1st cycle students can borrow up to 5 books for 15 days except certain books that can be borrowed only for 3 days. 2nd and 3rd cycle students can borrow up to 10 books for 60 days. Researchers and lecturers can borrow up to 25 books for 180 days.

Researchers and lecturers
1st cycle students
2nd and 3rd cycle students
External users
Préstamo exterior / External lending
25 items 180 days
5 items 15 days
10 items 60 days
10 items 60 days
5 items 15 days
Uso preferente alumnos / Priority use for students
Up to 5 items 15 days
Libros de uso frecuente / Frequently used books
Up to 3 items 3 days

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