Thursday, April 11, 2013

Does the library open at nights and on weekends?

No, but the study rooms do. Please, check which study rooms are open and their opening hours.

May I get a reader card without being a ULL member?

Yes. To do so, you have to fill an application form for external users available in every desk of all ULL libraries.  Also, you have to submit a petition giving the reason of your request, together with a reference written by a teacher or a ULL PAS worker and a recent photograph.

Alumni ULL’s partners (Alumni Association and Amigos de la ULL) can use the lending service by showing the University card to which they are entitled due to their status as partners.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I am not a ULL member. Can I consult the library collection?

The library is open to everybody. Most of the items of the collection has free access and can be consulted in the reading rooms by anyone. However, you will need an external user card to take a book with you out of the library. Other entities’ members can enjoy the same privileges that the rest of the ULL community due to an agreement established with the ULL. (As long as they have their reader card.)

Are all the books of a particular author located altogether in one single library?

No.  It is possible to find several works of the same author in different ULL libraries, and then it is necessary to consult the Main Catalogue (catálogo general) to locate them.

What is a carrel?

The ULL library (BULL) makes available to its users (students, faculty and research staff) and, sometimes to external users, offices that allow working in group, teaching and research.

The use of these rooms is processed by an online booking system. External users have to contact the BULL (at the counter or by phone) to book a carrel.

How can I know the amount of books by a particular author a ULL library has?

What you have to do is to click the tab "Subcatálogos disponibles" (available sub-catalogues) and choose the library you are interested in and then browse the field "autor" (author).

Do libraries hold books of all subjects?

There are libraries where you may find books that do not belong to their main study area. For example, the Maths and Physics libraries could hold works related to the field of literature. However, the amount of works does not represent the entire collection of books at your disposal, so please go to a special library that provides further information on the subject you are interested in.

Why are books available at the catalogue but missing from the shelves?

There are departments of certain faculties that house some books because they are still in the process of being brought together to their respective libraries. Some others, however, are kept by halls of residence, institutes and study centres due to their frequent use. 

Why are some books inaccessible to users?

Reading rooms house some books that cannot be taken out of the library for conservation reasons, particularly special editions that are no longer available on the market. Because these works are not organized by subjects, their access to the public would be of little help. 

Since when does the BULL have the "BOE"?

The BULL has the whole BOE’s collection printed in the Biblioteca General y de Humanidades. In any way, you will find the whole BOE collection available here:

Special Collection: What it is and where to find it

‘Special Collection’ is the name given to the bibliographic works held at the Biblioteca General y de Humanidades, which is divided into other smaller collections listed below:

1. Fondo de Referencia (Reference Collection)

2. Fondo de Canarias (Canary Collection)

3. Fondo Antiguo (Old Collection)

4. Fondo de Biblioteconomía y Documentación (Science Library and Documentation)

5. Cartoteca y Mediateca (Picture, Map and Multimedia Library)

6. Fondo de Investigación y Legados (Reseach and Legacy Collection)

If you wish to consult any item, please search the catalogue for information about its location. Note that the label “Fondos Especiales” is followed by the specific collection of the book you are interested in. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Where is the Canadian Studies Centre located?

It is located on the ground floor of the Information Sciences Faculty Building.

How long can I borrow a book for?

Short Loan books are those items that can be loaned to users for three days. You will find them under the label of “frequent use books” and “weekend books”. The loan period varies according to the type of user you are, but they are normally loaned for 15 days. Further information may be found here

Where can I find dictionaries and encyclopaedias?

All dictionaries and encyclopaedias are located in every reference section of the different libraries of the BULL. The Biblioteca General y de Humanidades houses this material on the ground floor.

Do I have to use the computer or can I ask the library staff for finding a book?

The automatic catalogue is very easy to use and include a simplified model for searching and asking for help.  Apart from that, the library staff  would help you to find what you are looking for, if you need it.
In order to learn how to use catalogue's advanced and basic functions you can join
 some of the sessions of a training course organized by the BULL. We also recommend you to watch the tutorial about the catalogue

Where are the thesis?

Thesis and dissertations are located in the first floor of "Biblioteca General y de Humanidades". The other universities' thesis are located in the library that have the same subject area.

Microfiche humanities thesis can be consulted in the media library in the Biblioteca General y de Humanidades building.

It is important for you to know that there are some ULL thesis online that you can access from the catalogue.

Where is Humanities?

"Humanities" (Humanidades) is a group that includes all the libraries that belong to the Humanities studies (Education, Fine Arts, Filology, Geography and History, Philosophy y Psichology). The two first libraries are located in the main campus in La Laguna and Santa Cruz respectively. The rest of libraries are located in the Campus Guajara building called Biblioteca General y de Humanidades.

If you want to know where these libraries are or where the nearest public transport stops are, please see this link:

Where can I find information about the library of my campus?

Almost all the libraries that belong to the ULL have their own blog where you can find the library hours, services, stuff contact,  new items, recommended bibliography...Also you will find a wide variety of news related to the study field of each centre. You can access to these blogs with this link:
You can also find information about your library in the library's homepage:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How do I know the list of books that the library holds on a specific subject?

See the subject table of contents in the catalogue. Also you can ask us going to the nearest desk you have or see our tutorial.

How do I know that the library holds the book I want?

In the library's catalogue. Also you can ask us going to the nearest desk you have or watching our tutorial.

Why are there loans that cannot be renewed?

There are books that have a great amount of requests. For this reason,  their loan periods are limited and they cannot be renewed. These kind of books are categorized as  "Uso frecuente" (frequent use).

Where is every ULL library located?

If you want to know where are the different ULL libraries, please, browse this link: ULL Library and List of books .
See this map If you are interested in knowing how to arrive at any of our libraries as well as the nearest public transports.
Click this link to see La Laguna University's Library in a bigger map.

How long do I have a loan blocked?

You can know it going to "my biblioteca" (my library) in the library's catalogue and identifying yourself with your reader code and password. The time you will be blocked will depend on the Library Policies.(Please, see Library Policy, chapter VI).

Monday, April 1, 2013

How can I see how many books I have on loan and when I have to give them back?

You will see all the information in "mi biblioteca" (my library) located in the library's cataloge. You have to identify yourself as a member of the ULL community with your reader number and your password.

How do I borrow a book using the self-issue machine?

The only thing you have to do is to follow the instructions that the machine indicates you.

What is "Préstamo descentralizado"?

"Préstamo descentralizado" is a special loan that does not depend directly on the BULL, but on hall of residences, University Institutes and so on. The item  has to be requested  to them.

Why do loan periods vary?

Loan periods vary depending on the material, the amount, the library and the request. Moreover, each library might has different loan periods.

Why cannot be all kind of books reserved?

You can only be allowed to reserve books that are on loan. Books described as “consulta en sala” (just consult in the room) like Theses, Canary works, magazines, as well as primary resources that are in departments,  hall of residence, and so on cannot be reserved.
As a result, you can reserve the rest of books as long as they are on loan.

How can I request a book that is at a department?

Go to the department in person and request it. Also, you can ask  for the contact details of the person in charge of this book in your campus library.

How do I know if the book I have reserved is available?

You will receive a call phone from the library informing you that the book has been given back. You have two days since that moment to pick up the book. It is very important that your telephone number and your address will be up to date. Please, go and confirm them in the desk of you library.