Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How do I know the number of the reserve that I do in a book?

You can know it just asking to the library stuff at the desk.

How can I find a book that is not at the library?

Use the interlibrary loan service. Ask for the user code that will give you access to articles and books from other libraries. You can also contact us:

Universidad de La Laguna. Interlibrary loan. Biblioteca General y de Humanidades.
Campus de Guajara. 38200 La Laguna (S/C de Tenerife)
Tfno. y Fax: + 34 922317834 (in the mornings)
Tfno:. + 34 922319300 / 01; Fax: + 34 922319301 (in the afternoons)
E-mail: bullpi@ull.edu.es

What is a database used for?

Databases are used for finding documents about an author or a specific subject.  They can also offer you references followed by a summary or a full text of a document.

Can I photocopy an entire book?

It has been agreed by CEDRO (the Spanish centre that defends and manages the writer's copyright), that  you can only photocopy the 10 % of an entire book.  The law has not established a limit in relation to this issue though.

Can I photocopy a thesis?

The Library Policy (art.63) demands the author's permission to reproduce the work. In  the case that the author cannot be found, you will have to address the library's director in writing to be allowed to photocopy an extract of the thesis.

Why bound newspapers are not allowed to be photocopied?

Bound newspapers cannot be photocopied because they would be damaged during the process of photocopying due to its size.

What is the meaning of s.n. in a bibliographic register?

S. n. means "without editor". As a consequence, it is used when the editor of the book is unknown. 

What is an "autoridad"?

"Autoridad" is a name of a person or entity used to designate  this specific person or identity  always in the same way.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Can I have access to the primary resources of the library when I am off-campus?

   Go to PuntoQ and click Para acceder desde fuera de ULL, pulse aquí. (Click here in order to access to the ULL from off-campus). You have to login using your ID code and your password if you are currently a University of La Laguna , staff or faculty member. 

Students have to use their alu code and the password: User: alu0100021963 password: MMMM1234.

Does the library offer training courses?

The BULL offers a wide variety of training courses. Please, see them browsing this link: Competencias en Información (Information abilities).

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why does a book is available in the catalogue but I cannot find it on the shelves?

Buscar informacion

 There would be different reasons:

  • There is someone who is using it at this precisely moment.
  • It has not been put on the shelves yet.
  • It has been lost and we have not realised about it yet.
In any case, you have to ask the library stuff.

Who can help me if I don't know how to use or find E-resources?

You have to find  the personal stuff of the library and ask them where is the librarian in charge. This person will help you to find what you need and he or she also will inform you about the different services that the BULL offers.

If you want, you can send us an email: puntoq@ull.es

If you want more accurate information, please, see our course offers at this page: http://www.bbtk.ull.es/view/institucional/bbtk/Formacion/es

Are all the documents appeared at the database in the library?

No. You have to check on the  catalogue, after looking for the item on the database. If you cannot find it, you have to go to Interlibrary loan service.

In the case that you have made the search with PuntoQ, you might receive a message similar to this one:

Full Text: Full text is unable

Paper sizeCheck the library's catalogue

Interlibrary LoanRequest the item at GTbib-SOD

Does the library have a bibliographic management software?

The BULL has RefWorks (an online research management, writing and collaboration tool) for currently  University of La Laguna student, staff or faculty members.

In order to use RefWorks you have to follow the steps written below:

1. Go to www.refworks.com/refworks from a computer whose IP is in the ULL.

2. Click
Regístrese para una Cuenta Individual (Login to an individual account). It is located below the sentence: ¿Es Ud. nuevo usuario? (Are you a new user?)

3. Insert the information required and click Registrarse (login)

You can use this tool while you are off-campus  with your account's code to authenticate you are a user of the ULL.  

Please, for more information browse:  //www.bbtk.ull.es/view/institucional/bbtk/RefWorks/es 

If you are not a currently  University of La Laguna student, staff or faculty member, you can use Zotero which is a biblioghraphic management program with free access that belongs to Firefox.

See request here (click entrar como invitado/ login as a guest)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How do I find a laptop in the library catalogue?

In order to know how many laptops are available in the library, or, to renew the lending, or, to reserve a laptop that is on loan you have to follow the instructions given below:

Go to the catalogue and browse "portátil préstamo" (laptop loan).

If you click "Ejemplares" (copies) you will see all the laptops that belong to the ULL Library.

If you want to know the laptops that have a particular library, for example Computers library, you have to click "Volver a buscar" (search again).

Select the library that you are interest in on the list that appears on the tab "buscar en" (search in)

You have to introduce "portátil préstamo" (laptop loan) again and click "buscar" (search)

And then, you will see all the laptops that are in this library.

After that,in order to complete your reserve or renew, you have to identify yourself with the NIU code and the password.

How do I get onto the WiFi with a library laptop?

In order to get onto the wireless networks on campus with a borrowed laptop with PROA service, you have to click, with the right bottom of the mouse, the icon located at the right side of the inferior corner of the screen. This Icon represents a telephone socket and a disconnected wire. 

You have to choose one network of the list that will appear and follow the instructions. 

If you select  ULL WiFi:

On the list of Networks, click the one that appear as "ULL".

Click Network access on the CCTI page- that is the wireless connection to the ULL net.

An authentication page will appear automatically, where the user has to introduce the following information:

User (USUARIO): alu plus the NIU code. For example: alu0100012345

Password (CLAVE): This is the password of your NIU (Four letters in capital letters and four numbers)

The NIU and the password are located in the form delivered to the students in the secretary's office of each campus once they have requested the university card.

Can I reserve a book that is on loan?

You can reserve a book that is on loan. Once the book is available, the library stuff will send you and email or will call you to let you know it. You can pick up the book within a period of two days (the day of the return and the following day).

It is very important that you keep the following personal details up-to-date in your library desk: address, email and telephone number.

You can do online renewals and reserves from the terminals (CLABE) that are in every library of the ULL, or from any computer and internet access.

Follow the steps given below:

  • See the library homepage:http://www.bbtk.ull.es/

  • Click catalogue, and then Catalogue access (acceso al catálogo).

  • Then log your reader account. Introduce the number of your ID card (that is below the bar code of your ID card) in "Library Card" (carnet de biblioteca) and your password (that should be your date of birth, unless you have changed it), now click "connect" (conectar).

  • Then, on the right side of the screen, you will find the link my library (mi biblioteca), where you not only can reserve the items that are on loan, but also you can change your password, check the lending expiration, do renewals, suggestions and so on.

  • Do the search on the catalogue of the book you want.

  • Once you have found it, click the reserve tab. Next, click request (solicitar) and finally, agree (aceptar).

  • As a result, in "my library", you can see all the reserves. Moreover, you can delete them if you want. Apart from that,, you can see the  numbers of users that have done the same reserve. you will not allow to reserve more that three book at the same time.
It is important for you to know that you cannot reserve a book that is available in the library.There will be only activated the reserves of books that are on loan.

Friday, March 1, 2013

How do I print in the library?

CECLE is the company in charge of the photocopier service of the ULL Library.They will provide the paper and toner supplies as well as the maintenance and repairing of photocopiers.

In order to use the Photocopiers, you have to buy a copy card in one of the card dispensers that are located in different libraries of the ULL.

The cost of a copy card is 1€. You have to buy it only once, and then, you will have to recharge it as many times as you need. If you loose the card, you will have to buy another one. You can charge the quantity that you want. The dispensers only work  with coins of 0,10 0,20 0,50 1,00 and 2,00 €.

The cost of photocopying is  0,04 € per photocopy.

You will find a copy card dispenser in the following locations:

Computing Library
Nautical Library
Health Science - Medicine Library
Information Science Library
Education Library
General and Humanities Library
Political Sciences and Law Library
Chemistry Library
Agriculture Engineering Library

Why can't I get a full text document that I found at PuntoQ?

The results that you find at PuntoQ are database contents based on your search. However, the ULL does not provide access to the full text of every document. For this reason, if the ULL have two articles that belong to the same magazine, one published in 2001 and the other published in 2010, and we can have access to the full text of the more recent one, we wont be able to access to the full text of the other article.This can occur because the ULL have only provided the full text access of articles from 2005 up to now.