Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Does the library have a bibliographic management software?

The BULL has RefWorks (an online research management, writing and collaboration tool) for currently  University of La Laguna student, staff or faculty members.

In order to use RefWorks you have to follow the steps written below:

1. Go to www.refworks.com/refworks from a computer whose IP is in the ULL.

2. Click
Regístrese para una Cuenta Individual (Login to an individual account). It is located below the sentence: ¿Es Ud. nuevo usuario? (Are you a new user?)

3. Insert the information required and click Registrarse (login)

You can use this tool while you are off-campus  with your account's code to authenticate you are a user of the ULL.  

Please, for more information browse:  //www.bbtk.ull.es/view/institucional/bbtk/RefWorks/es 

If you are not a currently  University of La Laguna student, staff or faculty member, you can use Zotero which is a biblioghraphic management program with free access that belongs to Firefox.

See request here (click entrar como invitado/ login as a guest)

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