About us

The Library of the University of la Laguna is a public service that supports education, teaching and research. It is constituted by a combination of human resources and organized items. Its goal is to provide help to users in the process of becoming information into knowledge.

The Library owns the entire collections belonged to the University of La Laguna, regardless of whether their origin, the type of acquisition or the place these items are.(The Library general policy, approved by the resolution December, 5th 2001, BOC December 24th, 2001).

The Library's main goal is to facilitate the access to the document and bibliographical information resources in order to contribute to the University Goals(University Statute, Decree of 89/2004 of June, 6th).

The library is structured in 14 different parts located in different campuses that offers support to users.Please, for more information browse: Visitor Information

If you want to know were are located our libraries or the nearest bus stops browse the following link: Library of the University of La Laguna

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