Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How do I get onto the WiFi with a library laptop?

In order to get onto the wireless networks on campus with a borrowed laptop with PROA service, you have to click, with the right bottom of the mouse, the icon located at the right side of the inferior corner of the screen. This Icon represents a telephone socket and a disconnected wire. 

You have to choose one network of the list that will appear and follow the instructions. 

If you select  ULL WiFi:

On the list of Networks, click the one that appear as "ULL".

Click Network access on the CCTI page- that is the wireless connection to the ULL net.

An authentication page will appear automatically, where the user has to introduce the following information:

User (USUARIO): alu plus the NIU code. For example: alu0100012345

Password (CLAVE): This is the password of your NIU (Four letters in capital letters and four numbers)

The NIU and the password are located in the form delivered to the students in the secretary's office of each campus once they have requested the university card.

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