Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to save a file on the computers available in the reading rooms?

If you want to keep your own work on one of the personal computers of the CLABE equipment*, you can 
either send it by email through a web service you like or save it on a USB Flash Drive.

If you choose the latter option, please follow the step-by-step instructions described below:

Once your document is properly saved and closed, a folder named 'Documents' will come up right away
by default. Remember that your work can be stored both physically with the help of memory devices and virtually by means of your email. Otherwise, your files will be deleted when you log off the system. 
Then, click on the icon "Subir un nivel". 

Now click on the 'usb' folder you will find displayed on the next window.

And finally, choose whichever folder you like! 

Also, you can type a name for your document in the 'File Name' box and then choose the type of format you prefer. For example, those text documents created with word processing softwares such as StarOffice and Microsoft Word will be saved under the extension sxw and doc respectively. In the case of flat texts, the 
common label is txt.

Please note that the current version of the operating system does not recognise all types of flash drives, 
so you will have to format your device.

*CLABE stands for Clientes Ligeros para el Acceso a la Biblioteca Electrónica, the network of computers provided by the library.

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