Monday, February 25, 2013

What is Inter campus delivery?

Inter campus delivery is a new ULL Library's service that moves books between the different campus of The University of La Laguna, when they are not available on the user's campus.

There will be only available the items whose loan condition would be PRE ( préstamo exterior / external lending).

They are considered different campus the following libraries groups:

  • Anchieta: Agrícolas (Agriculture), Farmacia (Pharmacy), Informática (Computing) , Matemáticas-Física (Mathematics-Physics), Química-Biología (Chemistry-Biology)
  • Central: Arquitectura Técnica (Technical Architecture), Educación (Education). 
  • Guajara: General y de Humanidades (General and Humanities), Ciencias de la Información (Science of Information), Derecho (Law) y Ciencias Políticas y Sociales (Political and Social Science), Económicas (Economics), Empresariales ( Business Studies) y Turismo ( Tourism).

  • Bellas Artes (Fine Arts), Ciencias de la Salud ( Health Science), Náutica (Nautic) libraries are not considered part of any other library, for this reason, they are allowed to do this service with the rest of the libraries.

    This service is carried out  by the users from the catalogue. First, you have to identify yourself with your user code (NIU, or the number of the bar code reader card, or e-mail) and your password. If you do not have changed it, it will be your date of birth ( DDMMAA/ DDMMYY); the empty digits must be filled by 0.

    If you find the book you are interested in located in another campus and it is not on loan, you can do an inter campus delivery request browsing the tap "Ejemplares" (copies).

    Then, you have to select the library where you want to receive the book and click "Aceptar"(agree). When the item arrives, the librarian will send you an email telling you that the book is ready to be picked up.

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